If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.
Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 2003.

Only a few minutes had gone by since I regained consciousness, but they sure felt like hours! Unable to move my body without much hindrance in this hazy state, the best I could do was alternating between sitting upright and leaning forward, an exercise routine fit for toddlers. Fortunately, this did not prevent the medical attendant from checking my vitals and eventually whispering “so far so good” as she disappeared.
As though part of a relay, another silhouette immediately appeared through the same door:
– “Szia Erzsi! Hogy vagy?”
    (Hello R-G! How are you?)
– “Jól vagyok… Gondolom… Es té?”
    (I am well… I hope… And you?)
– “Jól!”
    (Doing well!)
– Örülök, hogy itt vagy! Hol van… ?”
    (Glad you are here! Where is… ?)
– “Itt vagyok!”
    (I am here!)
Replied a second silhouette right behind him
– “I see you still enjoy telling stories.” joked my mate in his distinct Hungro-Bostonian accent
– “Some things never change.”

Enlivened by their presence, I put a halt to my whimsical gymnastics and listened attentively while they spoke to each other in Magyar, oft catching a comprehensible word: Something about someone not being ready yet for something else.
– “Don’t let us distract. Please resume your narrative.”
– “Are you sure you would rather not discuss anything else right now?”
– “Ecclesiastes 3:1”
– “Point taken! Nevertheless, I highly doubt that I have anything new to share.”
– “Oh please”, he retorted, “says the person who known to e-narrate her dreams at 3 in the morning! Weird dreams, I might add.”
– “They might seem weird to you perhaps, but to me, they were pretty normal. I like to think of them as uncorrupted reflection of my current state of mind: hope, joy, fear, sadness, you name it! They also represent my most profound wishes, and are more often than not a wonderful compendium of my personal memories, whether positive or negative.”


In fact, I recall waking up on the anniversary of the disappearance of flight MH370, with a somber feeling that humanity had moved on too fast, just as it did after the levees broke. Both events were major disasters which we promised ourselves to commemorate and lean from. I am afraid we did not live up to that promise.”
– “You are such a cynic sometimes! There is always hope. It is not as if we are on the path to WWIII!”

“Tant qu’il ya de la vie, il y a de l’espoir.”

– “I truly appreciate your attempt to suage my brood, but truth be told, when studying history, I have have always been flabbergasted by how quickly we forgot valuable lessons and returned to our old ways.”
– “We do that a lot, yes, but also change our ways in some form or fashion in order to evolve. Do not ignore that fact that we are constantly innovating!”
– “Touchée ! I must admit this is what truly drives us: The innate desire for a change.”

This is what made it so exciting to be part of an group of creative and talented guests at the annual celebration of International Women’s Day by Google’s Women TechMakers, with the WatchFace CodeLab being the highlight of my day.





I vividly recall mentioned it over and over again to fellow NYC-pilgrims and Young Engineering Alumni Council members, during my visit to The Plains on Ultimate Pi Day weekend.

We threw pies at some of our former college professors, as part of a fundraiser.
What did you do on Ultimate Pi Day?

The viridity of this board is something that I have always found quite exhilarating: Who knew when it was founded three years ago that so much would be accomplished by now?
There is plenty to do, but I am confident that the newly elected council members will continue to dazzle us. Why else would I not think twice when decided not to go for a second term, but instead, seek new opportunities aimed to move my earthly journey forward? For example, I could serve as some sort of unofficial ambassador, now that I was become more and more involved with the Campus Recruiting team at work.

Auburn Young Engineering Alumni Council

2015 Young Engineering Alumni Council @ AU

I ought to point out that this was not the only new endeavour that I decided to undertake that month. As a matter of fact, I joined l’Union des Français à l’Étranger (UFÉ) and frequently attending the monthly dinner-conferences hosted by the NYC chapter at various Manhattan bistros. What I liked the most about l’UFÉ, when compared to Polyglot Bar NYC, are the deep intellectual conversations in which the guests partake, reminiscent of La Table Française in Auburn-Opelika.
I was very happy to have finally found an outlet for discussing many of the books that I recently borrowed from the FI:AF library, notably a brilliant mute story entitled “3 Secondes“[*1]

I love stories. I love to read. I love books. I really love books. My life is perpetually re-shaped by the wisdom many of them unveil.
Which books have touched you the most and why?


[*1] 3 Secondes, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Delcourt, 2011.
No time to read? You are in luck! This fantastic book is fully animated in this 5-minute video.


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