“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”
Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, 2013.


Bonjour !


“Long, long time ago”, I said jokingly until my train of thought was interrupted by snickers in the group, amused by someone humming the theme song of El Laberinto del Fauno [*1].
– “Na’a nga bo na’a”
– “Hmmm-Hmmm” they replied in unison, surprising me with their intimate knowledge of traditional Bulu story-telling routines, despite us being far far away from an equatorial village’s campfire.
– “Kulu a nto, kulu a nto, bekalate be nga ku yôp” [*2], I said in an attempt to counter the serious mood that was suddenly prevailing. I knew my effort was not vain when I heard a few chuckles.
“Sure, our worlds collided once upon a time”, I resumed while imitating Bill Nye‘s inaudible asteroid collision motion with my hands [*3], “but it does not mean that nothing significant preceded the first encounter with Mr. Christmas”.

As an illustration, 2015 started on an intriguing footing via a fabulous New Year’s celebration with friends which took me to Hoboken for the first time (fourth time in New Jersey overall, even though I moved to NYC three years prior). A couple of weeks later, I found myself attending a “Boardwalk Empire“-theme cocktail party at Corey & Jason‘s (disclaimer: I have never seen the show, but plan to at some point). Can you believe five years had gone by since Corey and I first met as roommates in Atlanta at #GHC10?

This short trip not only gave me the opportunity to re-visit one of my favourite cities [*4], but also to meet interesting members of the Philly tech scene. Many of them are part of the Android universe, which inspired me to recommence my ubiquitous computing endeavours, notably a cross-platform educational mobile suite to aid those interested in learning to speak and/or sing in Bulu.
One of the most memorable moments of this fun geeky social event was receiving Sean Sill‘s business card, which definitely earned the one of the “coolest and most creative designs” award in my book!

Business Card - Sean Sill

What a cool business card!

I chose to approach that budding year as a new chapter in my life, and put a lot more thoughts than ever before into drafting my resolutions: It was finally time to face my deepest fear.
What is your deepest fear?

Our Deepest Fear

What is your deepest fear?

[*1] El Laberinto del Fauno (“Pan’s Labyrinth”), Guillermo del Toro, 2006.
[*2] This Bulu sentence can be loosely translated as: “The turtle was minding its own then books fell from the sky.”
This is an inside joke in my family, which started when we all fell asleep in the middle of our grand-father’s story-telling.
[*3] Want to learn more about astronomy? Check out “Crash Course on Astronomy” (thanks for the recommendation, Anu @ Wordsmith.org).
[*4] See previous posts: Couchsurfing & Green Markets.



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