Marchés à Travers le Monde

Shrek: For your information, there’s a lot more to ogres than people think.
Donkey: Example?
Shrek: Example… uh… ogres are like onions!
[holds up an onion, which Donkey sniffs]
Donkey: They stink?
Shrek: Yes… No!
Donkey: Oh, they make you cry?
Shrek: No!
Donkey: Oh, you leave ’em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin’ little white hairs…
Shrek: [peels an onion] NO! Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers… You get it? We both have layers.

Shrek, 2001.

I immensely enjoyed visiting Philly after three and half years, although I have to admit it was a lot colder than I expected. Ha! Ha! Philly was chilly, get it?

Okay, I will stop goofing around…
Among the many places I enjoyed – City Hall, National Mechanics @NatMechanics), etc. – I have always been passionate about the Redding Terminal Market.
I am not your typical tourist that follows a map and sticks to a pre-arranged schedule. Don’t get me wrong, that part is fun, but the true excitement comes from getting off the beatten path. By that I mean, finding ways to experience life as enjoyed by the locals.
What better way to do so than through immersion at a local market place while enjoying a great dish, beverage, or snack at the same time???

Here is the list of some of the markets I hope to cross out over the years:

  • Marché Central, Yaoundé <done>


  • Sweet Auburn Curb Market, Atlanta <done>
  • Pike Place Market, Seattle <done>
  • Inwood Greenmarket, NYC <done>
  • Union Square Greenmarket, NYC <done>
  • Redding Terminal Market, Philly <done>
  • City Market, Indianapolis <done>
  • Lexington Market, Baltimore <not sure>
  • Eastern Market, Washington <not sure>
  • Eastern Market, Detroit
  • Grand Central Market, Los Angeles
  • City Market, Kansas City
  • West Side Market, Cleveland
  • Farmers Market, Hollywood
  • Ferry Building Market, San Francisco
  • Findlay Market, Cincinnati
  • North Matket, Columbus


  • St. Lawrence Market, Toronto <done>
  • Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver


  • Great Market Hall, Budapest <done>
  • Nasch Market, Vienna <done>
  • Marché aux Fleurs, Nice < Nice.getNext() -> returns “Monaco” ^_^ >
  • Forville Market, Cannes
  • Havel Market, Prague
  • Ostermalms Saluhall, Stockholm
  • Billingsgate Market, London
  • Borough Market, London
  • Central Market, Lancaster
  • Kauppatori Market + Old Market, Helsinki
  • Basurto Market, Cartagena
  • Sennoy Markey, St. Petersburg
  • Kuznechny Market, St. Petersburg
  • Zhujiao Market, Singapore
  • Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo
  • Nishiki Market, Kyoto
  • Tha Kha [Floating Market], Thailand
  • Aw Taw Kaw Market, Bangkok
  • Chow Kit Market, Kuala Lumpur


  • Mercado del Progresso, Buenos Aires
  • Mercado Cinco de Mayo, Manzanillo
  • Mercado Central, Santiago
  • Mercado Pino Suarez, Mazatlán
  • Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo
  • Mercado Cardonal, Valparaiso
  • Mercado Surquillo, Lima
  • Mercado San Felipe Neri, Panama City
  • Mercado San José, Recife

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