Gâteau à la Vanille (Vanilla Cake)

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Okay, sister, you can finally stop asking me about my “secret” vanilla cake recipe: I accidentally discovered it on a baking site years ago and really liked the background story
(the person who posted it described it as a note which was in her/his son’s backpack, as he returned from school).
Long story short, I followed the recipe and it turned out to be AMAZING!!!

Ingrédients pour le gâteau à la vanille.

Ingrédients pour le gâteau à la vanille.

* Keep the butter & eggs at room temperature for 30-120 minutes
* Sift the baking powder
* Sift the flour & add the salt and baking powder
* Separate the egg whites & yolks
* Beat the egg whites (until you achieve a snow-like texture)

1. Mix the sugar & butter, mix until the colour starts to change
2. Add the egg yolks
3. Add the vanilla extract
4. Add the milk
5. Gradually add half of the flour mix, then half of the beaten egg whites
6. Add the rest of the flour & egg whites

* Cupcake – 10 to 15 minutes
* Cake – 45 to 75 minutes, depending on the oven & baking dish size

* Feel free to halve or double this recipe, it still turns out quite well. 😉

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Happy now sis’? May I finally enjoy the comfort my warm bed after this fun day in Samford, Connecticut?


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