GLaDOS: Have I lied to you?
GLaDOS: … I mean, in this room?
GLaDOS, Portal, 2007.
Brainteasers, chocolate, and pastries are my péchés mignons. There, I said it!As a matter of fact, Antrim Escape is one of my favourite games, right after Portal. I personally believe that the best aspects of these games are the puzzles one is required to solve in order to unlock an achievement. Nevertheless, the main antagonist in Antrim Escape could have benefited from GLaDOS‘s cheerfulness, to say the least.After completing Antrim Escape 3, I found myself not only wishing that they made a fourth, fifth, and perhaps sixth one, but I also wondered whether there were any aspects of the game that I really enjoyed and could re-create and/or improve. As a result, here is my take on one of their cool mini-puzzles. Sadly I cannot say which one, because it might ruin the surprise.

Here are some hints:
  • The purpose of the game is to find the correct sequence
  • The number of blue circles increases after each correct click
  • The board is reset to two blue circles after an incorrect click
  • Don’t get frustrated, but a step back instead: you have seen this pattern before!

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