Who am I?

I am currently pursuing my Master’s of Software Engineering at Auburn University (Alabama Polytechnic Institute), with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction and Intelligent Tutoring Systems within the Intelligent and Interactive Systems Laboratory.

I have worked on several academic, personal, and internship projects, notably the new cross-platform Graphical User Interface for the ASPEN software at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and a native mobile application at Morgan Stanley.

My passion for technology lies in the belief that the ghosts in the machine will help us evolve and my primary interests are:

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Human-Centered Computing
  • User eXperience
  • Software Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Engineering

I am also passionate about blacksmithing, ParKour (free-running), traveling, reading, learning new languages, and baking complex French desserts. Although I am familiar with a fair share of romance languages, they are all spoken with a cute French accent.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Auburn University, with a Bachelor of Software Engineering; in dual degree with Oglethorpe University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude.

About MIrrorIMage

I am a Software Engineer passionate about technology, the arts, and making this world a better place.
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